X50CrMoV15.  That's fancy talk for "really good steel."  This German high carbon steel has become a staple in knife sets from high end European manufacturers.  It boasts a great ability to take a razor sharp edge, and hold that edge through prolonged use.  With superior corrosion resistance and high durability, this is one of the world’s classic steels.


17 Degree Cutting angle

Our cutting edge is razor sharp at 17 degrees.  Compare that with the majority of Western style knives that have edge angles of near 25 degrees, and the result is a sharper knife with lower slicing resistance. Whether dicing onions or cutting through a butternut squash, our knives are up to the task.


We tested many handle materials, and found this premium fiberglass composite topped the charts in terms of comfort, grip, looks and durability. Our handle is designed with additional width for comfort and good knuckle clearance above the cutting surface. While most knives utilize cheaper alternatives such as plastic or wood, our G10 handle provides superior grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Great design

These knives check all the boxes.  Our tapered bolster helps create a more comfortable pinch grip.  Our chef knives provide great balance between the blade and handle for less fatigue.  A symmetrical grind makes the knife comfortable for both left and right handed folks alike.  It's all of these little details combine to make a great set of knives.

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